Herbal Breast Enlargement
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Herbal Breast Enlargement

Despite the overgrowing popularity of breast augmentation surgery, many women are still skeptical about placing themselves on the surgeon’s table to get a better bust. Women are still scared of the surgeon’s scalpel and not to mention, invading their body with foreign implants does not seem to be such a happening idea. This explains the increasing acceptance of unconventional methods of breast enhancement.

The herbal breast-enhancement methods are becoming very popular today. However, they have their own risks. The user must carefully weigh the pros and cons before beginning to consume the herbal enhancing products.

The Natural Growth of Breasts

mnbst281Before beginning to see how the herbal breast augmentation methods work, it is necessary to understand the biological process of breast development. The development of a girl’s breasts begins at her puberty. Puberty begins at different ages for different girls; it may begin as early as eight years or as late as twelve years. When puberty is reached, the female secondary sex hormones, such as estrogen and progesterone increase in their content. Estrogen is the essential hormone needed for the development of the adipose tissue which is what makes up the breasts. The concentration of estrogen is directly proportional to the growth of the breasts.

The shapes of the breasts are not constant. There are changes during the menstrual cycle, and more changes are seen during pregnancy and lactation. The latter changes are triggered by the hormone prolactin, which comes into play when the ovum is fertilized. It is also said that a girl’s breasts are never fully developed unless pregnancy and lactation occur.

The Principle of Herbal Breast Enhancement Methods

brestrogen2Herbal breast enlargers use the very biological principle of hormonal balances to their advantage. Several natural herbs are known to contain a plant estrogen – called as phyto-estrogen – which is very similar in composition and function to the human estrogen.

Herbal breast enhancement methods introduce this plant estrogen into the body of the female. Phyto-estrogen stimulates the adipose tissue of the breasts, which is supposed to cause the breasts to enlarge and tone up.

Hence, the principle of herbal breast enhancement methods is very similar to the biological principle of breast enhancement. This principle is not at all a new discovery. Women have been known to use the products used by herbal breast enhancement methods centuries ago, especially in the ancient Indian, Egyptian and Greek civilizations. The modern herbal breast enhancement methods are simply improvisations of these age-old methods.

The Ingredients of Herbal Breast Enhancement Products

A vast number of herbs have been prescribed by traditional methods – such as Ayurveda – for breast enhancement. A detailed list of these herbs and is given below. These herbs are known to stimulate the adipose tissue, but they have their side effects. The side-effects of these herbs are also mentioned.


Herb Side-effects
1. Trigonella foenum-graecum or Fenugreek Contains an aromatic compound called sotolone which causes an offensive odor in the person’s sweat and urine.
2. Serenoa repens or Saw Palmetto Might cause lowering of libido and slight nausea. Must be totally avoided during pregnancy and lactation as it interference with the hormonal balance, affecting the volume of milk produced in the mother.
3. Dioscorea villosa or Wild Yam Is a contraceptive; hence may interfere with further pregnancies.
4. Eleutherococcus senticosus or Devil’s Shrub or Siberian Ginseng Can cause insomnia, and is harmful for people with high blood pressure.
5. Panax ginseng or Chinese Ginseng No side effects known
6. Tumera diffusa or Damiana Has a slight psychoactive effect like that of cannabis if taken in excess.


Apart from the above commonly used herbs, the following herbs are also used in varying amounts:-

  • Astragalus root
  • Dandelion root
  • Golden seal root
  • Cayenne fruit
  • Echinacea
  • Fo ti root
  • Guarana seed

Different manufacturers use different formulas for their herbal products, but the general ingredients are chosen from the list mentioned above. The ingredients are packaged and sold in the form of pills, lotions, creams and sprays; though pills are the most popular.

The Effectiveness of Herbal Breast Enhancement Methods

Herbal breast lift methods are no doubt becoming popular, but it is controversial whether they really bring about the effects they claim. There have been several legal suits against manufacturers of herbal breast enhancement products and hence the users today have become extremely wary of them.

Are you embarrassed of sagging breast?

Medical science totally disagrees with the promise of herbal breast enhancement methods. According to them, the ingredients of herbal breast enlargement products can stimulate the adipose tissue, but they cannot increase the size of the bust. Stimulating the adipose tissue can be done by the phyto-estrogens, but the same stimulation is not responsible for bringing about the cellular division which is needed to increase the size of the breasts. They also refute the claims that herbal breast enhancement products can make the breasts firmer by toning the muscles, tissues and ligaments of the breasts.

Brestrogen Review

It is also not advisable to interfere with the natural hormonal balance of the body. This can cause lasting effects in the woman. The above list mentions the side-effects that the ingredients of the herbal products can cause.


Herbal products are undoubtedly the most convenient of all breast enhancement products, but they are not totally safe. If you think you must use them, then you must do so only after consultation with a qualified doctor after showing him or her the ingredients of the product you intend to use.

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