Low cholesterol = healthy sex life
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Low cholesterol = healthy sex life

Cholesterol & its impact on sex life

By now you should know that you should choose the steamed fish instead of the butter chicken, but oh, creamy things are just so delicious. But if you know that your cholesterol can have a direct influence on your sex life you just might consider the fish . . .

Research shows that 55 million American are high risk candidates for heart diseases. Cholesterol is a swear word in our society, but a certain level of it is necessary for bodily development. Cholesterol played a role in your sex life long before you had one because it is integral to the development of sex hormones. With women cholesterol contributes to oestrogen and progesterone production and with men it helps to create testosterone. Without these hormones we would never have certain bodily characteristics that link to our gender (like breasts with women and hairiness with men).

Higher cholesterol is a metabolic syndrome caused by bad lifestyle says dietpillsview

We associate cholesterol with fatty foods, but most of it is produced by our own bodies. The liver produces 75% of the cholesterol that circulates in your blood. The other 25% comes from food. On normal levels cholesterol plays an important role to help our cells to do their job, but unfortunately cholesterol is too high with most people.

High cholesterol does not cause any symptoms that can be seen by the eye, but deep damage occurs within the body. Gradually a thick layer of plaque builds up in the arteries which decreases space for blood flow and can cause heart diseases. Apart from this reason, which should be big enough, it can also make you a bad sex partner!

Firstly, imagine this:

You and your partner planned an amazing evening. The mood is right, but suddenly you struggle to get eh . . . junior . . . up. Erection dysfunction has various causes which include stress, fatigue, certain medication and prostate problems, but high cholesterol is also a big cause, due to limited blood flow.

If you have erection problems you should visit your doctor. One of the first things he will do is test your cholesterol. With simple changes to your diet and moderate exercise you can quickly turn your health around.

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Just as high cholesterol can influence a man’s erection; it can also influence a woman’s ability to get aroused. A few extra kilograms make her inhibited to take off her clothes in front of you, but it isn’t just about your self-confidence.

Cholesterol in Women

Being overweight increases your cholesterol count and cholesterol can build up in your arteries which makes it difficult for blood to reach your pelvic area. It makes arousal difficult and sex painful. But it doesn’t just influence the body’s natural ability to produce lubricant. Because many of the arteries lead to the clitoris, it makes orgasms or delight impossible.

So, what can you eat to lower your cholesterol levels – and consequently improve your sex life?

  1. 1. Olive oil and olive oil products are rich in good oils and vitamin E. Studies show that foods with high fatty acid content can lower “bad cholesterol” and increase good cholesterol. Eat one or two tablespoons of olive oil daily over your salad.
  2. 2. Carefully choose your margarine. Soft margarine with a high insatiable polyunsaturated fatty acid content helps to lower your cholesterol. The light version has a lower fat, energy and salt content which all leads to better health.
  3. 3. Legumes which include dry, cooked, canned beans, lentils, peas and soya products. It has high a fibre content and is rich in nutrients including minerals, vitamin B and so forth. It is naturally low in fat and doesn’t contain cholesterol. On top of that it has a low glucose index. Eat legumes at least three to four times per week, but ideally each day.
  4. 4. Fat free yogurt and fat free dairy products. Full cream dairy products are high in saturated fat and should be avoided. However it should not be eliminated, instead use fat free milk, yogurt and cottage cheese. Fat free yogurt is especially good because it is rich in proteins, calcium and micro-organisms that help to lower blood sugar levels.
  5. 5. Fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants. All fruits and vegetables can help to lower cholesterol levels and protect the heart, especially foods rich in vitamin C (like guavas, melon, citrus, strawberries and the cabbage family) and beta-carotene (like peaches, mangoes, cantaloupe, pumpkin, sweet potatoes and carrots) and dark green vegetables (like broccoli and spinach).

Another five foods that can have a positive effect on your cholesterol:

• Garlic and other members of the onion family
• Whole, unprocessed grain varieties
• Fish varieties
• Venison and ostrich
• Omega 3 enriched foods

More than cholesterol it the triglyceride you should be worried about says ehealthguide

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