Good Diet Plan for Teenage Girls

For girls, especially in their teenage years, maintaining a good diet plan can be an important step to a healthy life and the desired body shape and size. Good diet plans for teenage girls can be a step forward to being model thin while ensuring one avoids starvation diet plans.

Have breakfast as your first item in your diet plan. This is important as it gets the body working. If you are looking for caffeine avoid sugary drinks. They contain lots of calories. Fruits such as bananas and apples can offer a good start. They are low in calories and high in fiber. Eggs especially the egg-whites are rich in proteins and can be a good component for a breakfast. You can cook eggs in olive oil.

Do not omit lunch in your diet plan. Let your lunch have more vegetables such as lettuce, peppers and fruits. Include lean meat such as turkey or chicken. If you are eating out avoid foods such as pizza, French fries and chicken nuggets.


Have a snack between lunches as dinner. This assures the body that it is not starving and therefore keeps the ‘furnace burning’. A bag of carrots or popcorn can do for this snack.

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